Gallery Perfect

For picture-perfect memories.
Does the plain wall in front of you look boring? What better way to decorate it than with your memories. Photo frames are a cheaper way to design your walls and up the interiors instantly. Gallery Perfect 7-piece Photo Frame Kit gives your creativity wings with its pack of seven elegant photo frames that come in different sizes to help you create a masterpiece on your wall. A boring wall can be turned into an artsy gallery in seconds with this amazing photo frame kit by Gallery Perfect. You no longer need to hunt around matching frames to create a collage. This pack of seven sleek frames makes things easier for you, arrange them the way you like and design your wall elegantly.


  • Seven elegant and decorative frames
  • The frames come in 3 different sizes: one of 12×16 with image display of 8×10, two of size 8×10 with image display 5×7 and four of size 6×8 with image display of 4×6.
  • The frames have different white mats that can be removed.
  • Available in three finishes: Walnut, White and Black
  • All the frames have attached anchors: wall-grabber, which makes it easy to hang them either vertically or horizontally.
  • The photo frame kit includes a wall hanging template that saves you from the hassle of taking measurements and deciding how to fix.
  • The template has multiple layout options that can help you decide the perfect design for your wall.
  • The kit also contains two sets of contemporary art prints that give an exquisite touch to your wall.
The matted frames by Gallery Perfect let you create your creative gallery with your favorite memories or designs. Here are some pros and cons of the product that will help you out in deciding whether the product is a good buy or not.


  • The Gallery Perfect frames are an easy and cheap way to decorate your wall.
  • The seven frames can be added on to the wall in different ways to create a beautiful gallery.
  • You can add in your memories or art prints in the frames to create a dynamic wall display.
  • The matted frames are sleek and have a minimal design which looks elegant.
  • The frames can be hung horizontally as well as vertically.
  • Each frame has a wall-grabber for easy installation.
  • The wall template provides convenient options to hang the photo frames.


  • The frames are quite simple and muted, nothing fancy.
  • The wall template does provide multiple options but is limited.
  • The template marks are not accurate, and they may get you in some trouble.


The Gallery Perfect photo frames are available on the major online stores including Amazon; hence you can order them easily online.


     Gallery Perfect 7-Piece Photo Frame Set is an excellent option to decorate an empty wall. The seven matted frames have an elegant design that direct all the focus and attention towards the images used in them. You can go for different layout options to create a beautiful gallery. The frames are plain and might be disappointing to those who are looking for something which is a bit more stylish and fanciful.